The Wedding Cake

Any advice to any bride to be… ORDER YOUR WEDDING CAKE EARLY. Cake
Allow at least 3 to 4 months before your wedding date to save any disappointment.

Usually asked, - what size do I need, and how many slices from a particular size, is frequently asked by clients. The best way to show the sizes, - is to stack the tin sizes as it would presented on the wedding day, also it gives an idea how it will look.

Brides of today are going away from the traditional fruit cake, but it is still popular, as some still prefer this. Other flavours offered are – Carrot Cake, Chocolate, Chocolate Mud, and any other requested.
Individual cup cakes are coming in as an individual cake for their guests. With a traditional fruit cake, it allows the cake to mature, also allows the cake decorator to finish the task ahead of time, as other cakes can only be iced either a day or two ahead of the wedding date.

To adorn your wedding cake, flowers can be made from icing, or using fresh flowers, or even small artifical silk flowers. There may be a heirloom from the family to be used. Other choices are a modern Bride and Groom, - Cows if you are a Dairy Farmer, or Sheep, if you are a Sheep Farmer, etc.

The baking of a wedding cake, is believed to be one of the oldest traditions in our modern culture. It is not known exactly when the custom began, but by the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans many years ago, it had become a well established part of every wedding celebration.

In keeping with tradition, - it should be the Bride who actually makes the incision in the wedding cake. Her new husband's role is to give her slight assistance. It is believed that the Bride must actually force the knife into the cake to ensure the future birth of children.

The cake should be cut prior to the speeches and toasts - but can be left to later if having a dance when all the guests can see the wedding cake being cut by the Bride and Groom.

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