My name is Heather Fowler, and I to would like to share a little about myself.
I began making wedding and special occasion cakes about 1980, and prior to that, it was family birthday cakes for each of my three children, who have since grown up, also for other family members and friends. Heather

Every year, there was a surprise in store to what I would come up with, and now it is the grandchildren who get the surprise! There are always challenges when doing a wedding cake, - in fact, with any cake for any occasion.
So after awhile, I decided I would like to do it as hobby.

After my daughter's wedding in 1992, I also saw a need to make bridal accessories especially in this Southland area, again as a hobby.

Also to offer a service to the wider community by offering a hire service for car accessories which includes seat covers, bonnet accessories, ribbon, etc, - including a three piece wrought-iron archway which can be used for the wedding service or hall, and often used over the wedding cake, or as a hall entrance, and other products.

Cake Decorating Guild
I have belonged to the New Zealand Cake Decorating Guild since its early beginnings in 1987, - a time of over 20 years.
Also, since 1987, I have attended the Eastern Southland Cake Decorating Guild in Gore, where one gets good ideas and help from other members.